Our specialty

Selective ingredients100% made in Okinawa, Haisai! Goya Tea


Because of the Okinawa boom, Goya came to be cultivated throughout Japan, but We only use Goya harvested in the summer in Okinawa including Nago City. The reason why we only use Okinawan Goya is because Goya grown in the summer receives a lot of UV light which has a high antioxidative effect and is rich in nutrition.

The farmers behind the GoyaNetwork with farmers


We are not only particular about the ingredients which are grown in Okinawa that go into “Haisai! Goya Tea.” We only use fine Goya carefully grown by selected farmers which we know well.

Strict delivery basisAlways aiming for better quality


“Haisai! Goya Tea” is made with a focus on the freshness and nutrition of the ingredient, we only select the Goya harvested early in the morning. On top of that, we wash and carefully inspect each Goya. Thus only the best quality Goya that meet the criteria will be reborn as a product.

The patented manufacturing methodManufactured by goya-roasting craftsman


“Our carefully selected Goya are cut together with the seeds and dried out three times. We use a large dryer that was developed solely for making “Haisai! Goya Tea.” Our patented technique maximizes the extraction of nutrition components from the Goya. The dried Goya is put in aluminum bags to avoid contact with the air and is stored at room temperature or less.
Also, the most important aspect of making “Haisai! Goya Tea” is the roasting technique used by the craftman. They adjust the way they use fire to heat it depending on the weather, temperature, humidity and the condition of the dried Goya. It has been 25 years since “Haisai! Goya Tea” was born. The technique cultivated by the goya-roasting craftman could never be imitated and requires masterful craftsmanship.”